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Baithuzzakath Kerala

Zakat is an Ibadat that cultivates purity among believers and nurtures growth in the society. It is social security scheme that alleviates economic inequality and poverty thus paving way for bolstering financial growth.

Zakat schemes give priority and consideration for upliftment and rehabilitation of those lives affected by wars, riots and ethnic cleansing. those without a roof over their head, those suffering from chronic diseases, those dropping out of education due to financial crunch, those without regular employment, those pushed in to child labour or gone astray due to poor living conditions, those destitute who can't lead normal lives, those imprisoned for unjustified reasons....

Proper utilization of Zakat helps in wiping tears of these poor souls. It is an obligation on Muslim society to make arrangements for streamlining collection and distribution of Zakat helping the progress of the society.

Baithuzzakath Kerala is such an organized endeavor active throughout karalla since October 2000. It is a Non Governmental Organization under Public religious trust Act, that aims to bring out social welfare through the organized Collection and distribution of Zakat. It is the largest collective Zakat initiative in Kerala, India. For the past 17years, Baithuzzakath Kerala has been collecting Zakat and using it for various needs of the most deserving beneficiaries in Kerala.

Baithuzzakath Kerala gives much importance to fulfill a person needs. Currently, Baithuzzakath Kerala along with local Zakat enterprises is able to procure successful Zakat Plans and schemes. For the past 14 years , Baithuzzakath Kerala was able to provide full aid for the construction of 525 houses, partial aid for 2301 houses, Higher education scholarships for 1706 students, medical support for 2758 patients, aids to end financial debts of 1440 people, employment opportunities for 1185 people, Drinking Water plans for backward areas, ration, pension for and so on.

Baithuzzakath Kerala practices online administration system and promote proper system in place to scrutinize and follow up of every project to ensure proper utilization of fund sanctioned. Baithuzzakath Kerala engage in training programmes , Academic research programmes, annual audit, survey and analytical reports.

Baithuzzakath is earmarking the role of Zakat in the progress and development of Kerala. Baithuzzakath karalla could provide a helping hand to thousands of deserving people through its various projects. Kindly entrust yours and your family's Zakat to Baithuzzakath Kerala. Your Zakat will reach the most deserving beneficiaries. May Allah shower his blessings, peace and mercy upon you and your family.

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