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International Zakat Conference Kerala - 2018

Baithuzzakath Kerala organizes an international Zakat conference from April 27-29 in Ernakulum , to highlight and dessiminate the social development aspects and societal relevance of the Institution of Zakat in Islam.

Organized Zakat institutions are active in Kerala as a result of longstanding efforts of Islamic movements in the state. This has resulted in the adoption of collective Zakat initiatives by the mainstream Muslim society which had exhibited staunch resistance to such initiatives previously. Collective Zakat initiatives are widespread both in Muslim majority and minority countries. Muslim majority countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and minority countries like the USA and the UK have Zakat organizations functioning at the international level.

India is home to the second largest Muslim population in the world. Analysts believe that the yearly Zakat output of India ought to be to the tune of more than 1000 cr. But the reality is that not even 10% of this possibility is met at the National level or the state level. The general masses should be made aware of the importance of the institutionalization of Zakat. Academic research and studies should be stepped up on the role of institutionalization of Zakat in the development and welfare of the society. Serious academic studies on the societal implications of Zakat and the professionalized institution of Zakat will boost the status of collection of Zakat.

The conference aims at strongly purporting Zakat as a social development tool as much as it is a religious obligation. It should turn the lights on the grave problems; crisis and backwardness the global Muslims are experiencing today and should readdress the issues of collection, utilization and distribution of Zakat in tackling these problems. Keeping in view of the legal frameworks present in different countries, a way of synthesis has to emerge for the effective co-creation and synchronization of Zakat organizations the world over.